Kuressaare Gümnaasium’s (KG) Education and Training Centre Osilia


Kuressaare Gümnaasium’s (KG) Education and Training Centre Osilia is a unit of Kuressaare Gymnasium. It was founded to organize further training and education and to upgrade the qualifications of adults as well as students of Saare county. Education and training centre Osilia as opened on 1 December 1996, financed by the Lions Club and the State Investment Programme. Osilia is a member of the Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association (ENAEA) and of the Adult Education Association ANDRAS. Osilia’s mission is to support the development of Saare County by offering quality education and competitive courses to meet peoples’ needs. Osilia’s main objective is to organize further education and non-formal adult education in the region, including teacher training. The key values of Osilia are quality, professionalism, efficiency, creativity, openness and flexibility. Fields of activity: education and training (further training, qualification upgrading, non-formal education), programmes and project, careers (pedagogics, psychology, careers).

Kuressaare Gymnasiums’ education and training center Osilia

Nooruse 1, 93816, Kuressaare, Estonia

Phone: + 372455 6576, +37255511922

E-mail: osilia@oesel.edu.ee


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